Recently Watched TV Shows

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The Bear - Fantastic, 10/10. Loved Jeremy Allen White in Shameless and he absolutely killed it here. This show really nails the chaotic and stressful feeling of working in a kitchen...not that I've ever done that personally lol. I could only watch 2 episodes at a time due to the intensity. It was honestly kinda stressful to watch, but masterfully acted.

Reservation Dogs - This show has a lot of heart. It's good to see some media from underrepresented folks. I've seen a few horror movies with primarily Native actors and really enjoyed them. Reservation Dogs is funny but it also deals with the hardships of living on a reservation. It can be very sad at times but it also has great relationships between the characters.

Severance - I kinda wish I didn't find out about it until it was finished, because I'm eagerly awaiting season 2. Don't read anything about it, just go watch it. The concept is, what if we could separate our work selves from our regular selves via 'severing' the memories between the 2? If that doesn't instantly grab you then you aren't into interesting things.

Peacemaker - Didn't know how long this list was gonna be until I started writing it, but damn there's been a lot of good shows this year! Peacemaker is just pure fun to watch with the best opener I've ever seen on a show.

What We Do in the Shadows - I slept on this show for way too long but it's going to enter my list of all-time comfort shows for sure. It's like The Office, but instead of office workers it's vampires.

How I Met Your Father - it's basically "Shit Millennials Say - The Show" but I still enjoyed it. Anyone hating on it obviously didn't grow up watching Lizzie Mcguire and I just don't have time for those people. There's value in a "time capsule" show, it's similar to Friends and (obviously) How I Met Your Mother in that regard. My theory is that they had to link it to an existing property to get the show made but I could be off the mark.

The All-time greats

Everyone's got their favorite TV shows. The comfort shows, the ones you put on if you just need some background noise, or when your brain is too tired to process anything new. Here's some of mine in no particular order:

The Office (duh)

Parks and Rec

How I Met Your Mother

Bob's Burgers


The Inbetweeners


It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

King of the Hill


Raising Hope

Brooklynn 99

Schitt's Creek