What am I up to?

I've always been a hobby hopper, but the various categories in the left sidebar ought to contain most of my interests. I may use this 'Now' page to track my current projects and posts I'm working on. My ADHD is best managed with lists and trackers. I decided I didn't like my to-do list on the index page so now it lives here! This is to help me track my ideas even if they take months to work on.

I'm mostly focused on my internal life right now - building a happy home with my wife and pets, and cultivating all of my hobbies. This website is an attempt to document my life, or at least the aspects I care enough to share. Which, to be fair, is most things. I'm not shy.

What is a Now Page? -- Neat project by a guy named Derek Sivers.

Posts in Progress

Time Travel Media - have you heard of Stein's Gate?

Spicy Food - I want to share all my favorite spicy products

Tactics games - a celebration of SRPG/Tactics games

Zombie movies appreciation post

Heroscape post is going to receive more updates as my shipments continue coming in and I finally sit down and play

Celldweller aka Klayton appreciation post

Coffee Page - to track all the different coffees I've tried and to help remember the ones I like.

Exploration of 80s/90s anime, the kind that was extremely violent for shock value before the heavy censorship days we live in now

Philosophy/Life Post about Mindfulness

Philosophy/Life Post about my notes on "The Society of the Spectacle"

List of concerts I've been to (not that many sadly though I'm working on it)

Website To-do List

Need a dev log to track my progress in learning Javascript.

Decide on how I want to present books I've read and board games I've played

Join other Webrings, looking at Indie Web, Hotline Webring, and Fediverse next

Add more to-do list items