What am I up to?

I've always been a hobby hopper, but the various categories in the left sidebar ought to contain most of my interests. I may use this 'Now' page to track my current projects and posts I'm working on. My ADHD is best managed with lists and trackers. I decided I didn't like my to-do list on the index page so now it lives here!

I'm mostly focused on my internal life right now - building a happy home with my wife and pets, and cultivating all of my hobbies. This website is an attempt to document my life, or at least the aspects I care enough to share. Which, to be fair, is most things. I'm not shy.

What is a Now Page? -- Neat project by a guy named Derek Sivers.

Posts in Progress

Time Travel Media - have you heard of Stein's Gate?

Spicy Food - I want to share all my favorite spicy products

Tactics games - a celebration of SRPG/Tactics games

Zombie movies appreciation post

Heroscape post is going to receive more updates as my shipments continue coming in and I finally sit down and play

Celldweller aka Klayton appreciation post

Youtube Musicians Post

Coffee Page - to track all the different coffees I've tried and to help remember the ones I like.

Exploration of 80s/90s anime, the kind that was extremely violent for shock value before the heavy censorship days we live in now

Philosophy/Life Post about Mindfulness

Philosophy/Life Post about my notes on "The Society of the Spectacle"

List of concerts I've been to (not that many sadly though I'm working on it)

Website To-do List

Figure out how to add a gallery of reviews from Letterboxd to the Movies/TV page (if you're good at coding hit me up lol)

Decide on how I want to present books I've read and board games I've played

Join Yesterweb and other Webrings

Add more 88x31 images to the index page

Add more to-do list items