Rex's Devlog


Nothing much new to report, still working on the same problem sets. Just finished lesson 2 which ended on an intro to while loops. Practice helps so much! Gonna keep grinding and see if I can get through lesson 3 this weekend. But, I'm not gonna stress about it. I didn't sleep well last night so my brain is firing a little slower today. I am also having a little trouble with the built-in editor on The last problem in lesson 2 was not working correctly. To confirm, I even pasted the code into my own editor and ran it and it behaved as expected.


Funny article:

Didn't get much done yesterday thanks to discovering Dark and Darker. But, today I am back on the problem sets! I can definitely tell the repetition is helping. Highly recommend the course!


Not much progress in the past week besides some random Youtube videos but I've been hitting it hard today! I do at least try and immerse myself in programming even on days where I struggle to write code. I find it helps to keep my mindset engaged. I'm currently bouncing back and forth between refactoring my Craps app to be more efficient and grinding out problem sets online. I find the course to be very helpful! I just finished the first lesson which dealt with easy stuff, but honestly that's where I'm at! I needed practice just writing code, even if it's simple. I was overestimating my abilities a bit, possibly. But I'm on the right path! Stay immersed in the topics, at least 1 video or article about programming per day. And if we can squeeze in any coding, that's a win. I don't have a regimented schedule yet since it's periods of work, followed by learning new concepts, taking time to think about and integrate those concepts into my mind, then practice implementing them. But at my stage, just hammering out code is going to be most beneficial. I think I'm gonna try to do that every day from Thursday to Sunday. Benefits of being a forest hermit - I don't have too much going on, so I should have plenty of time to continue this journey!


Learned about type annotation to keep track of variable types. I've seen list comprehension brought up in several videos I've watched recently so I'm gonna try to learn more about that, next. The game I want to make is going to have a fair amount of large lists (enemy lists, item database, loot tables, etc.) so this will be a good foundation skill to practice.


First devlog entry! I got my craps app working pretty good but then I made too many changes too fast without testing and now I can't get it to stop doing weird things. I decided to start working on a roulette app in between working on craps. I'm struggling to properly use loops. I understand the concept now but my implementation still needs work obviously. I'm also struggling to properly track the value of a variable that gets updated via almost every one of my functions, in this case the player's money balance. But, I'm actually writing code now which is great progress from where I was last week!