My trip to the national videogame museum

My wife was kind enough to accompany me on my day trip over to Frisco to see the National Videogame Museum. I'd heard about this place in the past but Dallas is pretty far from me so I have to plan a day-trip out of it. In order to entice her to look at nerd stuff with me we also went to the Stonebriar mall for some fun shopping. I snapped a bunch of pics to commemorate the trip. If you find yourself in the Frisco area, I highly recommend you stop by and check this place out! There's a lot of love and passion for the history of the gaming industry which was awesome to see.

The museum was actually located in this cool Discovery Center, they also had a little model train exhibit and a little mini science museum type area. Really cool place for kids (and kids in adult bodies such as myself lol) to go and spend a day out of the summer heat. Worth checking out if you're in the area!


The entrance had some statues of Battleborn characters. I was kinda surprised since that game didn't have a great reception. Maybe the owner was a fan or got 'em cheap or something.

After we bought our tickets, this is the first thing we saw on the way in. They had a timeline of consoles displayed on the backwall behind the characters. I took a few close-ups of each section. I should have taken a panoramic pic but hey, I'm not a photographer. There were a lot of kids running around so most of my pics were hastily snapped.

Don't even know most of these tbh

They had stations set up all over where you could play classic machines, like this GCE Vectrex. It was set up in a faux-shop area. It had a $50 blow-out sale sticker. I actually thought it was for sale but no, fake shop lol. I thought there was a lady working the register, but it was fake, she was just playing with her kid lmao.

Classic Oregon Trail! If you didn't play this at school as a kid then I feel bad for you.

There were lots of glass cases with all sorts of videogame history.

Classic PCs set up as well:

They had a wall full of buttons and patches which I enjoyed perusing:

Kawaii Phoenix Wright, I wanted him
Back when Activision wasn't terrible. If you know you know. Gaming was better before the venture capitalists took over the industry

They had a whole section dedicated to VR devices. Hadn't heard of a lot of these.

I think the curator was a fan of Donkey Kong.

I was excited to find my had best boi Ogre Battle 64!! Some other classics too. I remember renting that version of Clay Fighter from Blockbuster back in the day (RIP)